Jane Cannon

Jane was brought up on a fruit farm near Tonbridge, and it is this area of Kent that still inspires and drives her desire to paint and record the changing landscape.

Her approach is to walk and explore a chosen area with a sketch book and camera, until the very exciting and decisive moment when the subject matter for the next painting becomes apparent.

Her aim is to produce work that is truthful to the moment that inspired her, and to help her achieve this she works, whenever possible, outside, sometimes lugging large canvases over the fields in varying weather conditions.

Her work is primarily of Kentish rural images but also includes other favourite locations and subjects, for example south west France, the north Cornwall coast and Venice.

She unashamedly looks for and celebrates beauty, enjoying themes such as the changing seasons, light conditions, water reflections and pattern caused by the way farming shapes and defines the landscape.

Jane’s work varies in size from 20cm to 200cm and her preferred medium is oil paint, but she also enjoys charcoal, watercolour and chalk pastel.