Rob Frampton-Fell
Guest artist for May & June 2019

Rob’s interest in painting began at a very early age, following a visit, as a very young adolescent, to the original Tate Gallery. Thrilled by the works of the Modern Artists he determined that one day he would follow his own creative path. Initially, his work as teacher, then Deputy Headteacher, enabled him to follow this creative path through the work of the youngsters he taught, inspiring them to challenge and push boundaries in the search for creative originality, through Art and Drama. For a while Rob’s desire to express himself creatively was fulfilled but once his teaching career ended his compulsion and yearning to create simply overflowed.

Despite being greatly interested in the works of the more abstract Modern Artists, initially, he began painting in a fairly restricted and cautious manner, however, very soon he became frustrated and dissatisfied with this style – it didn’t represent what he wanted to achieve, nor did it reflect his personality and drive. Finally, he fixed the focus and energies of his work firmly on a style for which he truly felt a genuine passion and compulsion. Combining the essence of the ‘wild beast’ colours of fauvism and the sub-conscious spontaneity and gestural mark making of the abstract expressionists, Rob found his style. This passion and compulsion – first sparked as a young observer, now blazes undaunted as a painter.

The starting point for his work usually begins from something observed, which is of a particular unusual interest, such as something peculiar in a landscape, odd looking places, curious groupings of objects, fantastic natural and man-made colour eccentricities, anything that appears slightly ‘out of sync’ that grasps his attention. From photographs he takes of these images a few sketchy lines are drawn and painting begins – the finished work emerging from a free spirited and bold use of shape, colour and mark making. His work is highly coloured, textured, very distinctive and painted on deep edge canvas in acrylics.

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