Robert Ketch

Robert Ketch is a jewellery maker of 20 years experience predominantly working in silver. He first entered the world of jewellery with enameling and this remains a firm passion.

He studied at the London Guildhall University on a HND course, having first completed an access course with Chelsea School of Art. He recently joined Maille Artisans International League (M.A.I.L.) for people who are passionate about chainmaille jewellery making and loves to create weaves that are uncommon.

Robert has always been fascinated and enthralled by the natural world and spends time camping and walking in the mountains to fully understand the cycle of life, the size of time and the beauty of organic forms. This is reflected in various pieces of work, from using liquid forms to resemble pebbles to casting various ethically sourced animal skulls to show the inherent beauty within (with plenty between)

Currently he is experimenting with patinas, plating and etching and loves to bring colour and texture to his work in new and exciting ways that are unusual or unique.

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