Mark Welland

BA Hons


There are many ancient trees in and around the beautiful Weald of Kent. Like the Badsell Oak Tree, some are isolated within a farmed field. Since 2013, Mark has been interpreting the Badsell Oak Tree, capturing it at different times of the day and in unusual and atmospheric weather conditions.

It’s a unique study of a remarkable piece of English nature. The Symmetrees collection explore the light, moods and forms taking the oak tree beyond the literal to create delicate visualisations of a truly fabled object.

Mark is an award winning artist and designer who has created illustrations and artworks both commercially and for the public. He works in a variety of mediums and has pieces in public and private collections.

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All prints are limited edition and custom made. They can be created at these or sizes in between.

SQUARE Resin Float Mount Resin Framed Glazed Framed
50x50cm £350 £450 £400
60x60cm £495 £595 £555
70x70cm £650 £750 £750
70cm width £350 £450 £400
90cm width £495 £595 £555
120cm width £650 £750 £750


Please contact the gallery to view and discuss framing options.

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