Mike Evans

I made the move from admirer to maker of pots whilst spending a year working in Edinburgh in the early ’90s. On returning to Kent, I set up a small workshop at home and joined the Kent Potters Association. A major house move and renovation project gave me a dedicated space and it turns out that our house in Tonbridge is virtually on the site of an old pottery.

The chemistry that happens in the kiln is fascinating. I enjoy the interaction between slips applied to the pot before the first firing and glazes applied for a second firing. I love it when a slip goes on pale green, comes out of the kiln grey. Then I put a white glaze over the top, fire it again and it comes out pale pink. Other glazes are extremely sensitive to temperature and thickness variations which will produce interesting textures and I’m constantly experimenting.

I’m currently using these interactions and variations to explore surfaces inspired by the colours and textures of natural rock, mineral deposits and seams. I also make a range of domestic dinner- and cook-ware which are freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Website : www.tonbridgepottery.co.uk

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