Tim Harker

Tim has a professional background in Ceramics reaching back over 40 years.

The current work on show at the ArtSpring Gallery is the result of long research, developing a range of subtly coloured crystalline glazes. This is an unusual area of ceramics that is not generally known. The crystals grow in the glaze during the kiln firing and control over placement and shape of the crystals is very limited. Each piece is therefore unique. These glazes are very fluid, and Tim uses this as part of the aesthetic; the glazes often appearing to drape over the piece.

The forms that Tim makes to complement and showcase these glazes are mainly hand thrown on the wheel in porcelain or white stoneware clays, often incorporating finely turned details.

Also featured at the ArtSpring Gallery are the more playful interactive pieces that can be stacked in different combinations to form small towers.

Tim also works with plain coloured porcelain glaze and designed surface decoration but always returns to the absorbing and challenging world of crystalline glaze.


Website: timharkerceramics.co.uk

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