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Sunlight and Shadows – 60x60cm Mixed Media
by Sarah de Mattos

Mel and Judy from John Lewis Home Design Services, Tunbridge Wells, share their thoughts on integrating art into your home.

Art as the inspiration

Design and art go hand-in-hand and in some instances the art can be the starting point for the rest of an interior design scheme. It may be a family inheritance and worth a fortune or it may simply be a piece of artwork you love with your soul and your heart that you saw through the window of your local gallery – either way it is the artwork that is the centrepiece and the rest of the room follows.

This artwork then provides the colour palette for the room. A background colour could be chosen for the main furniture, then highlight colours from the painting are picked out in pops of colours through soft furnishings throughout the room. However, the artwork is the star of the show, the leader of the design and everything else is there to support and enhance the picture.

Rising Sun – 74x74cm Archival print with tin leaf in resin
by Mark Welland

Art as the finishing touch

Wall art can also be the finishing element that makes a space complete, it can transform a room from being simply functional to being totally personal. Plus of course it brings colour, warmth and personality to a room – the grand finale to a well thought out scheme; when a room design, furniture, furnishings and artwork all come together the impact can be incredible.

Your home is your sanctuary, your respite from the busy world we live in and by surrounding yourself with art you love, you will enjoy the time spent there even more. Art enriches our lives and boosts wellbeing – it can make you smile, laugh, provoke memories as well as inspire you on a daily basis. If your wall art is the starting point or the final flourish in your interior scheme, it is important to remember that you don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate the beauty and power of a painting, you simply have to love it!

Two artists from the ArtSpring Gallery, Mark Welland and Sarah de Mattos, will be at the John Lewis & Partners Customer Event in the Tunbridge Wells store on Wednesday 11th December between 5.30pm and 8pm where the Home Design Stylists will be on hand with specific mood boards produced to enhance their artwork to show how art and interior design can work together.

The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette’ –

Henry S Haskins

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