Ben Cotterill

Ben has a joint degree in Illustration and History of Art and has been a practicing graphic designer and illustrator for the last 20 years. He works in a range of mediums depending on his subject matter, sometimes intricate pen and ink work executed with a mapping pen and acrylic ink, often with bold colour washes and backgrounds, and sometimes in acrylic and pastels, when working en plain air on atmospheric wider landscapes.

The inspiration for his work is the old, the aged, and the falling apart. When focussing in on a subject he loves drawing old buildings, crumbling stone, wrecks, and rotting wood, or anything dramatically atmospheric and weatherbeaten.

In the last few years Ben has also started producing art on a tablet, drawing with a stylus, and outputting the final results as archival prints on handmade paper. He finds the end result indistinguishable from traditional mediums, yet the freedom of working digitally is liberating and is resulting in a greater output of work.

Website: bencotterill.com