Camilla West

Camilla creates jewellery in fine and sterling silver with semiprecious gemstones, from her own inspirations and to commission. Her designs use botanical references and organic patterns and textures, and speak about her – and her customers’ – love of nature and the outdoors. There is also a spiritual aspect to her work in celebrating the beauty of nature and how we can relate to it, and the power she believes is behind it all.

Camilla’s jewellery is not neatly symmetrical or clinically smooth, but instead has a “delicate ruggedness” that invites a closer look. For Camilla, nature doesn’t fit happily inside a nice clean box, and she wants her jewellery to reflect that.  She designs for people who love the detail in nature, the dark crumbly soil, the beautiful irregularity of organic shapes and patterns.

It’s important to Camilla to leave traces of the making process on her work. For her, this is part of what gives handmade jewellery its character and differentiates it from mass-produced designs; it also echoes the small irregularities in natural and organic patterns.