Christine Highland

Christine’s love of pen, ink, line and pattern results in artworks of a graphic nature. From an early career in architecture and design Christine has continued to play with line and mark making developing a unique take on the ancient art of cartography. Specialising in drawing maps, Christine creates unique artworks by using her own freehand pattern designs.

She has created a portfolio of maps of towns and cities in Britain and abroad and works to commission to create maps linked to specific locations for anniversaries, weddings etc. Her maps have also featured in several magazines.

Alongside her maps she is developing a more graphic style. Taking inspiration from 1970’s Op Art she is using geometrical patterns to create optical effects. She enjoys creating her own colour palettes and is using them to explore her new style in maps and other artworks.

Website : www.cshstudio17.co.uk

Abstract paintings by Christine Highland

Hand drawn maps by Christine Highland

Other work by Christine Highland