Baljit Balrow

BA (Hons) Visual Artist

Although formerly trained, Baljit paints with an intuitive response to her truth.

Sometimes materials guide her; sometimes her subconscious feelings guide them. The painting process is a pull between these two and the conscious control of the materials. This tussle translates into her Art.

British Indian cultural identity and diaspora congregates subconsciously as a dialogue throughout her work, through the use of colour psychology and pattern, fuelling an introspective exploration of self-discovery.

Baljit’s time in the studio is free from decision making, freeing and distancing herself from domesticity and motherhood, yet paints her response to it; away from it.

The work completes with her signature spontaneous outline of objects, and of the negative or quiet spaces. She feels this necessary before completion. The paintings seem more vulnerable without.

Website : www.baljitbalrow.co.uk


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