Liz Emtage

More than 20 years experience has gone into the making of Liz Emtage’s unique porcelain pieces, a passion for art and design that has developed over a lifetime. Liz is inspired by the power and the beauty of nature, especially the connection that we have with the sea and she aims to transfer some of that beauty into her work.

Liz Emtage makes and designs Porcelain sculptural lighting, vases, tiles, coasters and ceramic vessels. She sources a variety of textures and impresses them into the porcelain – creating a delicate, almost fossil-like, impression on the clay surface. When lit these lamps emit an ethereal glow, enhancing the surface texture with light and shadow. When off, the lamps become sculptural pieces, rich with subtle surface pattern.

Liz loves to work to commission developing site – specific pieces. Her clients often request their favourite flower or plants from their gardens to be inlaid into their light, or tile panel. Colours are then chosen to compliment the piece and their living space.

Liz has her work in collections worldwide – including Europe, USA, India and Australia.

Website : www.lizemtageceramics.com