Rosie Tweedale

Rosie Tweedale studied 3D Design & Craft BA(Hons) at the University of Brighton.
She works between wood and ceramics, observing the materials’ natural sensitivities and capturing these within the finished vessels. Through carving, casting and glazing she creates ceramic objects which capture the organic textures growing within the trees.

Her work connects the elements of a forest by exploring its raw materials, the earth and the trees. She carves and shapes the wood to reveal the organic textures hidden within the grain. Each knot holds a memory of a rutted, twisting branch, the layers of growth across the seasons. Casting this in clay translates the tactility and organicity of the wood into a completely new form.

This body of work has been an exploration of wood integrated into various stages of the ceramic process. The form, the firing and the glaze. Part of the collection has been wood-fired, using ash glazes to create incredible reduction effects of ‘flashing’ and specks of residue from floating ash.

The other part of the collection has been pit fired. Pots are wrapped in various organic materials, nestled amongst wood chips and under branches. They are set alight to burn for 48 hours for the smoke to permeate the clay surface before being sealed with beeswax. These processes are very experimental and unpredictable. The marks left behind give us a glimpse into the moment where clay and wood synthesise.

Website : www.rosietweedale.com