Hildegard Pax

Hildegard is an award-winning glass artist and designer, and is showcasing her unique range of glass jewellery and dichroic glass artwork at the ArtSpring Gallery.
The inspiration for Hildegard’s work stems from the observation of light and her love of colour. Her ranges of glass jewellery are handmade using coloured dichroic glass in combination with clear or frosted kiln-formed glass. This results in a very soft look with the glass gems subtly changing colour through the movement of the wearer.

Dichroic glass is a high-tech glass, coated with metal oxides which create a range of reflected as well as transmitted colours. The various layers of glass are UV bonded. All silver components and findings are Sterling Silver.


Dichroic Glass Artwork by Hildegard Pax

Dichroic Glass Jewellery by Hildegard Pax

Jewellery and more artwork by Hildegard Pax