The show goes on ….. innovative art exhibitions in the time of Covid-19

Summer field of dreams by @artbykasim for the Great Big Art Exhibition

Public art galleries remain closed. The end of lockdown is in sight, but for now we still have to be patient. We will have to find alternative ways to participate in exhibitions and view works of art.

So today I will share with you a few innovative galleries that you can visit or even submit work to despite the current restrictions. You may feel like taking part in The Great Big Art Exhibition , or submitting a proposal for a miniature exhibition in a dolls house.

Read on to find out more….

The Great Big Art Exhibition

Using your own home as an exhibition space is the idea behind this venture.

Following on from the rainbows of the first lockdown, galleries and artists are encouraging public creativity in this massive exhibition with a fortnightly theme set by well known artists such as Anthony Gormley and Anish Kapoor.

All you need is a window or outdoor space to exhibit in and an idea!

Artwork by Mrs Rowland’s Books on the theme of colour
Composition of the subtle hues of sea-shore pebbles | Terence O’Callaghan for the great Big Art Exhibition portrait theme

The exhibition runs until 7th May, so you still have time to take part.

Kleinwerks Gallery


How about a gallery in a doll’s house? This gallery is curated by Wendy Jones, who creates exhibitions of miniature works in tiny spaces. You can find her on Instagram at @kleinwerksgallery. Small works are easily transportable by post and are possible to create from home when artists’ studios and work spaces are inacessible.

Art works on the reverse of playing cards for the ‘House of Cards’ exhibition.
Farbewald |Kleinwerks gallery

Wendy Jones at Kleinwerks gallery said of the outdoor exhibition ‘Farbewald’;

Translated from German, Farbewald means “Colourful Forest”. The installation represents colour-laden trees in a typical Fall forest. The individual pieces are made up of small blocks of wood in simple shapes of squares, spheres and cylinders from which all realistic art begins. The sparse negative space between the pieces symbolize the growing loss of forested areas from over-development in many of our communities’. 

I love the idea of creating a small exhibition within a natural outdoor space…. something that can still be done during lockdown, and without the gallery fees, and with an environmental message too.

Shelter in Place gallery

This US gallery encourages submissions by local artists who are sheltering at home.

The works are on a small scale, as the gallery is scale model where one inch represents one foot.

The exhibitions are viewed on line, and to my eyes appear much more enticing and realistic than the much used in lockdown virtual exhibitions in virtual galleries.

Leah Piepgras exhibition at Shelter in Place gallery

The Open Dresser gallery

Close to home, in Sevenoaks, Kent, lies the Open Dresser Gallery curated by Sally Eldars.

The gallery is open to proposals from artists that have a particular focus and examine identity, socio-political, cultural or environmental issues in their work.

Lockdown artist books | Mike Clements

Recent exhibitions range from artist books created in lockdown by Mike Clements to paintings by Latifah A Stranack

Exhibition of paintings by Latifah A Stranack

This small space creates the cohesivness of a gallery, and is perfect for small works.

Gallery on the Green

And finally…. perhaps the smallest public art gallery in the world. A public telephone box on the green at Settle. It remains open during lockdown, as the door cannot be locked. But only locals may visit at present. A journey to be made in the future, perhaps?

Gallery on the Green, Settle
Current exhibition | A year in hill farming | John Bentley

Hopefully it won’t be long until we can visit our favourite galleries and art spaces.

Until then, there is always something on offer to feed our creative soul.

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