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We’re still closed – for now

Whilst we remain closed due to national lockdown restrictions we regularly change our window display to share what our artists have been up to when you’re passing and find all the items in our online store.

Check out our online store to browse and order our artwork to collect in store.
Free UK Delivery for most online purchases and Click & Collect is still available.

Welcome to ArtSpring Gallery

We are a friendly and welcoming artist-run cooperative art gallery in Tonbridge in West Kent showcasing Paintings, Watercolour, Printmaking, Photography, Digital Art, Ceramics, Glass and Jewellery.

We bring you a collection of high quality work from 15 local emerging and professional contemporary artists who are specialists in their disciplines. As the gallery is run and stewarded by our artist members we are able to connect directly with art lovers and collectors.

Art Lover collection

To see a wide range of work by our 2D and 3D artists follow this link

We have an online store with new items being added all the time. Click the link below to see all our gift collections as well.


We are now closed until further notice, but you can still browse and buy work via our online shop.
Contact us by emailing gallery@artspringgallery.co.uk or call Christine on 07803 159723 with any enquiry.

If you see something in our gallery that you are interested in and want to find out more, please get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you.

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